Axentys is a business consulting and training firm focused on providing specialized business development, sales, product marketing and management services but also training in wide variety of business functions.

Our value proposition is built on the cumulative experience of our consultants, huge network of sub-contractors and training experts, our meticulous and in-depth research and our extensive network of insiders covering almost every industry and every market.

Axentys provides organizations with the services and tools needed to maximize organizational performance at a fraction of a cost when compared with large consulting companies. We do that while keeping at least the same quality level and certainly less of a “big boys” attitude.

How do we do that? We use fewer full-time consultants that are not feeling the pressure fighting for “billable hours” and instead we use a large network of sub-contractors that gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of costs, available expertise and increased availability.

Our specific focus is on improving various business processes, driving business performance, and training your team on a variety of subjects that are critical to take your business to the next level.

We are committed to making a positive, significant and measurable difference to our clients’ business no matter how much effort is involved. This is our promise.

We work usually small or mid-size companies or with high potential entrepreneurs that have bright ideas and need support converting them in real and sustaining businesses.

With office locations on 3 continents, we have access to an immense pool of management talent and highly skilled professionals, able to contribute immediately and significantly on every investment opportunity we discover, promote and sustain.

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